Many of you may know that I’m a single dad with custody of my three boys, 7 through 17.

When the time came for my oldest to go to High School, I faced the tough decision to move from the City of Chicago to one of the outlying suburbs.

There was just no other way I would be able to deal with the brutal stop-stop-stop-stop-stop-stop commute of the City for the activities of my boys across three different schools.

The price I had to pay for this life-change was to divest myself of my flying machine for a while.

But my dreams of flying have never died.

In fact, they’ve only grown stronger.

And in order to satisfy the craving for having the wind in my face, and my “need for speed”, I’ve found something very special, albeit unexpected.

Meet my RadWagon!

This bad girl is a seventy five pound school bus that makes me feel like I did the day I soloed my Quantum 503 basic!

She has a 750W Shengyi direct drive hub motor with regenerative braking, a 14amp/hour battery, and capacity to carry up to 350lbs as far as 45 miles!

Notice that I’ve decked her out with the rear seat setup, plus a custom detachable carry box, running boards, a tow-hitch, bike pump, air horn, water supply, toolkit, foot massager, snow cone maker, and more!

So what the heck does my electric bike have to do with trike flying?

Well frankly, I can get this freight train up to 24+ mph on the flats, and then stand up on the pedals while I raise my face to the sky like I used to when I was in the air.

But this time, with the trees and other reference points flying by me…it feels more like 90+ mph with a jet pack on my back.

Cost on bikes today range from a low end of $350 up to the $5000+ range, depending on components and complexity.

My RadWagon was about $1500 before the recent tariffs, but now sells for about $1799, which is still an amazing bargain.

The battery charges in about five hours, but I typically don’t ride more than forty miles at a go, so it’s easy to just come back from a great adventure and plug back in for the next day.

I also took my boys old stroller chariot and turned it into a Costco cargo wagon that I detach to use as a shopping cart and then tow my bounty back home… gas free.

For any of you who have kids, go to Costco, or otherwise have bad knees, electric bikes offer the ability to leave your car at home and get fresh air, exercise, and the thrill of flying through the air…even if you can’t make it to the airport!