Hi Gang! I hope I run into some of you at Oshkosh this week…but also wanted to give all of you that supported TPS in 2018 with a donation during our pledge drive a heads-up about what you should do right now (to either cancel/resubscribe for free…or…to leave your pledge subscription in place, but for a reasons I describe)

In a nutshell: Last year’s pledge drive results allowed me to spend the development time to bring TPS back from the dead and put it properly on WordPress, where it now is pretty easy to maintain. As such, I feel it would be unfair of me to accept a renewal of the support pledges from 2018 when they come up in October.

Although Trikepilot.com will continue operating, I explain in my video that my aviation interests have shifted (as have many of our other pilots here)…and I cannot find anything that is very new or exciting in the trike world (outside of Larry’s amazing product line or the P&M sale).

I did try to get many of you interested in learning photography and video technique, but that didn’t get enough traction to warrant continuing.

As of now, I’m super excited and interested in Gyros (like Abid Farooqui​ and Henry TrikeLife​) as well as Flight Simulation Gear and Electric Aircraft technology. I can very easily see where I could post every single day and grow a new community of interest on those topics, where there is extraordinary NEW growth and innovations. Not so much with trikes (which makes me a bit sad….)

In sum: Please watch this video, then make a choice as to whether you want to leave your pledge from last year in place (where I may use the funds to pursue creating a similar community/publishing idea on one of those topics listed above)…or… go in and cancel your paid pledge subscription by clicking “My Account / Subscriptions / Cancel”, so that you do NOT get re-billed in October this year. You can quickly re-subscribe for FREE to TPS with the “join” button even after you cancel.

I’m hoping that by doing things this way (instead of just cancelling everyone manually), I’ll avoid the confusion from 6,000+ members of “hey spence, why did you cancel me??!!??” 😉

PS – Trikepilot.com is NOT going away… I just don’t want anyone to feel they are paying for something I’m not providing (for the reasons mentioned)

If you have any questions, please reach out to me here or via info@trikepilot.com