Hey gang!

After a lot of deliberation and analysis of the facts, I’ve made the decision to move forward with a new direction for Trikepilot.com starting today.

Here are the details:

1) All “Social” Activity (chit chat, advice, photos, sharing), should happen on our Facebook Group where we now have thousands of users. If you are one of the few who refuses to use FB…well, sorry. That’s just simply the way things roll in 2019 and beyond…everyone else at least uses FB for private groups, and with good reason (it’s on everyone’s phone). So shall we.

The URL to join, if you’ve not already is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/trikepilot/

2) Here on the website, I’ve disabled the Forums already, since no one used them…all activity was (properly) on FB where it was easier and more logical to use. Over the next weeks or so, I’ll be disabling all the “social” features of this site, leaving it to be for reading or consuming members-only content.

3) For those of you who were paid supporters this last twelve months…THANK YOU again for making it possible to carry on and see what works. I think you mostly helped to prove that the changes I’ll be making are a byproduct of being able to get control of the site and members for a year to see what worked and what didn’t.

**I’ve cancelled all subscriptions to Trikepilot.com ….which means that NO ONE WILL BE BILLED AGAIN for the amount of last year’s support donation. A few of you were charged before I pulled the trigger, and I refunded all of you this morning**

4) I am really enjoying all of the Virtual Reality and Sim flying, with GA and Trikes, using X-Plane 11 and hopefully soon MS Flight Sim (2020). IF I continue to add new content here (not sure whether or how often), it’s almost certain that this is what I’ll add:

a) How to build your own (economical) flight sim at home for a true wrap-around immersive experience

b) What software, hardware, construction choices to make or buy

c) **Multi-person “adventures” with LIVE onscreen sharing. The tools now exists for any of us to get together “live” and fly in the virtual world (anywhere in re-created real world). This means a few of us could meetup at an airport of our choice, take off in formation, talk on the radio, and have a virtual beer somewhere…all while recording the flight videos from different angles, the communication (between ourselves and REAL simulated ATC controllers if we wanted to use controlled airspace), etc.

I think this feature alone is where something “magical” could happen. No longer are we subject to weather or geography…we can get a gang of pals together on a regular basis, or start our own “virtual” Trikepilot flying clubs. WOW!! The possibilities are endless.

IN SUM, it’s been a pleasure to serve all of you the last twenty years or so, but going forward, I’m going to shift the TrikePilot.com brand into the virtual space and become a leader (perhaps?) at re-creating the same thing I did in 1999-2000 from within the Virtual Reality space.

For everyone who is still flying the real machines, I welcome you to enjoy our Facebook Group features and hopefully participate in the VR stuff as well…given that I already know first hand it’s as “real” as the “real” thing ever was (other than the wind and the smells 😉

See you soon!