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    Henry Trikelife

    GoPro 6 Advanced Stabilization:
    Pros: It can make background very smooth and vibration free.
    Cons: It sacrifices about 10% of view area.

    Final Cut Pro:
    Pros: It doesn’t sacrifice any view area.
    Cons: It can’t remove small high frequency vibrations from engine, prop and winds.
    Also, some expanding and shrinking movements around the edge of screen.

    Test Enviroment: GoPro 6 (firmware 2.01) with Advanced Stabilization.
    Final Cut Pro (10.4.3) with Smoothcam stabiliazation

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    Thanks for the detail on this. I have a followup question to make sure I understand.

    It looks like you got better results with the GoPro6 Stabalization on the camera than going through post edits in Final Cut Pro? If that is correct, it would make nice flying videos much less time intensive to make. 🙂

    I love your videos you post. You do a great job with them!

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    Henry Trikelife

    That’s correct Chuck. GoPro7 latest camera is even better than 6 after they fixed some issues.

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