GoPro 7 Hypersmooth Stabilization Problem

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    Henry Trikelife

    The folloeing is the smaple clip for GoPro 7 problem. Other GoPro 7 users also reported the same problem of Hypersmooth stabilization. As you see in the clip, the camera removed vertical movements from turbulence quite well but it made the turn into several segmented lateral movements. I used the latest frimware 1.51 for the camera. I hope GoPro will fix the problem with their future firmwre upgrade. In the mneantime, Advanced stabiliazation on GoPro 6 doesn’t have an obvious issue in the same situation.

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    Spencer Forman

    Ahhh…so that sideways pan motion is being done by the camera itself?

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    Henry Trikelife

    It seems, but should not be.

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