Some of my fondest flying memories were those “lazy days of summer” at the TrikePilot ranch in Southwest Michigan.

Just as the sun started to get low in the west, and sneak down below the water of Lake Michigan, I would roll open the hangar door for my favorite time of the day.

That very last hour of sunlight was magical.

The air was calm, with humidity so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Just as the crickets started to chirp, I’d make my way up and over the tree line and bank hard to set my heading for the beach.

At five hundred feet of altitude and a hundred yards out from shore, I could just let all the tensions of the day melt away….ahhhh.

I only needed thirty minutes of flying to feel like all was great with the world.

And that’s the thing.

Although my big boy Rotax 912S was a real tiger for getting myself and another 200lb+ passenger out of my short strip, I hardly ever flew with anyone.

Most of my flying was just me, the beach and 30 minutes of meditation at sunset.

Flash forward, and I now live in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago, far far away from the Michigan shores and TrikePilot ranch.

Any dreams I now have of flying need to contemplate the idea of being compact, quiet, transportable and (wait for it)….103 friendly.

So when I recently saw the Icaro 2000 Electric Pit-Trike, it got my juices flowing!

Although there are a bunch of pilots who fly chutes and hang gliders off the lake near me, I’m too old and probably heavy to hope that my knees will hold up for take-offs and landings.

Likewise, I don’t want to have to be towed into the air if I ever want to hang out with my flying buddies.

I’m super excited about the idea of combining the latest high efficiency motors and batteries with a lightweight frame and high-performance hg wing into the ultimate “meditation machine” that I can put in the back of my car or tow with a lightweight trailer to a forest preserve near me.

I believe that electric trikes and other flying machines, combined with the latest navigation and stabilization technology, will be the FUTURE of personal sport flying and transportation.

Combined with all the fun video and photographic equipment we can now access, it means that any of us who love to be free like the birds can potentially break free from the ground (again) at a lower cost and higher convenience than ever possible with gasoline powered machines.

Let me know what you think!