Hi Gang,

today I’d like to introduce one of my new features for Trikepilot Social, and one of the reasons why I’d like to ask all of you to pledge your support as a student or pro pilot.

Video Editing Magic

One of the primary reasons I started TPS back in the day was so I could be creative in recording flying videos…but more importantly, so I could be creative in EDITING flying videos!

You really cannot make beautiful flying videos without being proficient at both your cinematography (recording) and your editing/production.

In this video, I introduce you to a FREE set of tools and resources that you can use with any modern Mac or PC, to create amazing results.

Whether you use your own footage, or footage from others on YouTube to whom you properly attribute your source material, you can have fun ALL WINTER LONG or on any rainy.

For many of you, the creative process and results of making these videos may be as enjoyable or more so than the flying itself.

I know that video editing was the passion that got me through endless nights of hungry baby feeding and snowy winter days.



If you enjoyed this video and want me to produce more, please do one or both of the following:

1) Let me know by email to info@trikepilot.com or in our Facebook group

2) If you’ve not pledged your support yet for the community, please do so now as a student or pro.