Back when I started with my first TrikePilot video (“Flying Freedom”) in 2000, my camera gear was relatively crude, low resolution, heavy and locked-down into one shot angle at a time.

Flash forward to 2018 and we now have these incredible 4K resolution GoPro cameras that fit into the palm of your hand and can be mounted all over your machine, on your person, and even in a hand-held jib (camera pole).

Today I discovered a remarkable product called the MicroJib that will improve any pilot’s results when using a GoPro. It’s only $99 on Amazon and allows you to remotely pan and tilt the angle of your camera with ease!

Since the GoPro cameras allow you to remotely view your shot from a mobile phone, it is now trivially easy to get that super-cool shot of you and your passengers from the front, the side, or even down below looking up.

You’re no longer limited to just the fixed angles you set up before takeoff!

Just be sure that you use a safety lanyard so you don’t lose this bad-boy into your prop.