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  • Hi Gang, it’s Spence from

    You know, I started Trikepilot Social over eighteen years ago in 2000.

    Back then I had driven down to Shawnee Field in Bloomfield Indiana where Rob Rollison was s […]

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Latest Blog Posts Update – October 16, 2019

Hey gang! After a lot of deliberation and analysis of the facts, I’ve made the decision to move forward with a new direction for starting today.Here are the details:1) All “Social” Activity (chit chat, advice, photos, sharing), should...

What’s Up With Trikepilot For 2019?

Hi Gang! I hope I run into some of you at Oshkosh this week…but also wanted to give all of you that supported TPS in 2018 with a donation during our pledge drive a heads-up about what you should do right now (to either cancel/resubscribe for...


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