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Get The Ultimate Video Angle!

Back when I started with my first TrikePilot video (“Flying Freedom”) in 2000, my camera gear was relatively crude, low resolution, heavy and locked-down into one shot angle at a time. Flash forward to 2018 and we now have these incredible 4K resolution...

Are You A Winter Flyer?

Some of my best flying days when I hangared over at Lansing Municipal airport (KIGQ) were in the dead of Winter. I came up with all sorts of crazy, and not so crazy, clothing and equipment combinations to keep me warm when doing a few laps around the pattern when the...

Honey I Shrunk My Trike

Are you feeling like Trike Flying has become too costly or complicated? Maybe you’ve grown tired of having to rent a big hangar to store your bird? Either way, I have the solution. Shrink your flying fantasies into this “bite size” morsel! Pop an FPV...

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