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Are You A Winter Flyer?

Some of my best flying days when I hangared over at Lansing Municipal airport (KIGQ) were in the dead of Winter. I came up with all sorts of crazy, and not so crazy, clothing and equipment combinations to keep me warm when doing a few laps around the pattern when the...

Honey I Shrunk My Trike

Are you feeling like Trike Flying has become too costly or complicated? Maybe you’ve grown tired of having to rent a big hangar to store your bird? Either way, I have the solution. Shrink your flying fantasies into this “bite size” morsel! Pop an FPV...

The Future Is Electric

Some of my fondest flying memories were those “lazy days of summer” at the TrikePilot ranch in Southwest Michigan. Just as the sun started to get low in the west, and sneak down below the water of Lake Michigan, I would roll open the hangar door for my...

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